Plagiarism detection

What is plagiarism detection software?

Web-based plagiarism detection software can be used by UVic faculty members and instructors to educate their students on the importance of proper citation. Plagiarism detection software should be used in addition to following key pedagogical principles regarding assignment design, feedback strategies and the alignment of learning outcomes with assessment activities and criteria.

As we explore new products, we are encouraging faculty to change their syllabi to say the following: I reserve the right to use plagiarism detection software or other platforms to assess the integrity of student work.

TIL will continue to research plagiarism detection software. Any feedback or suggestions should be directed to


Using Google to search for suspected passages of plagiarized work will render all public results from search engines, articles, and databases. Simply paste the suspected passage into a Google search without student information and filter through the rendered results.

Plagiarism detection software:

  • helps instructors follow the University's Policy on Academic Integrity;
  • helps students improve referencing skills;
  • protects students' intellectual property rights;
  • provides a powerful deterrent to stop plagiarism before it starts.

Plagiarism detection software analyzes papers submitted by students or instructors for:

  • text copied from web pages published on the internet;
  • papers purchased from paper mills;
  • materials published from some journals and online databases.

Inquiries related to the technical and pedagogical use of plagiarism detection software and other educational technology platforms are supported by TIL through workshops, resources, and other professional development opportunities. The Computer Help Desk is able to help faculty, staff and instructors obtain access to these services. Please contact the CHD to initiate a request.