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Blackboard Collaborate is an online classroom where you can interact and work with your instructors and fellow students in real time. Using audio, video, and text chat, as well as a variety of tools including screensharing and a virtual whiteboard, BlackBoard lets classes collaborate online.

BlackBoard Collaborate runs in your Google Chrome browser window, so there is no need to download an application to host a class. Instructors will need an account, but all students need to do is click the "Guest" link and they will be able to join their class instantly.

You can go to your Blackboard Collaborate sessions from any computer with an Internet connection and the Google Chrome browser. Before joining your session, be sure to install Google Chrome! It can be downloaded for free at


If you're an instructor looking to create your online "classroom," please request an account using our request form.

Once you recieve your account information, visit the BlackBoard Collaborate Admin Panel. Remember, it's best to only create one session for the whole term! That way your students can easily access it using the same link all term.


If you are a student looking to join your class, your instructor will provide you with your "Guest" link.

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Privacy considerations in Blackboard Collaborate

Be aware that Blackboard Collaborate session text messages (even ‘private’ messages) are always visible to moderators, and that all your sessions will be recorded and accessible to program administrative staff, Blackboard Collaborate administrators and Onlinehelp Desk staff, as well as the other students in your course. You should not enter any text messages, make any verbal statements (into the microphone), or share any materials that you are not comfortable sharing with others or having archived as a permanent record.

Confidentiality Statement

Learning in the Blackboard Collaborate environment requires that you know the extent to which your confidentiality is respected. It also requires that you respect the confidentiality of others. Only the instructor, program administrative staff, Blackboard Collaborate administrators, Onlinehelp Desk staff, and the students registered in your course should have access to your Blackboard Collaborate sessions. No one else should be given access to the sessions without the approval of the participants; you should not share your login information with anyone! Communication and materials from your Blackboard Collaborate session should not be forwarded to people not registered in your course.