Installation of Blackboard Collaborate launcher for Windows

If you are a first-time Blackboard Collaborate user, you will need to install the Blackboard Collaborate launcher on your computer in order to join the session.  Instructions vary depending on whether you are using a Mac or PC. Following are the instructions for Windows.

For this following example the System information is: Windows 8.1 Enterprise with a 64-bit Operation System. The instructions on installing the Launcher in Windows 7 should be fairly similar to the one given below. Web Browser used for installation is IE.

  • Click on a BlackBoard meeting session or recording link. Blackboard Collaborate will prompt you to a Blackboard Collaborate, Downloading Session page. If you don’t have a Blackboard Collaborate Launcher installed (for first time user, if you have not previously installed the launcher or if your browser "thinks" you have not installed the launcher), click on the link that says download the Blackboard Collaborate Launcher.

    downloading session image
  • This will automatically re-direct to Get the Launcher page. If not already selected, select Windows from the drop-down menu and click Download.
    get the launcher
  • Internet Explorer prompts you to Run or Save the Windows installer BlackboardCollaborateLauncher-Win.msi. Click Run to run the Blackboard Collaborate Setup Wizard.

    Click run BBC wizard
  • Click Next to run the setup wizard.

welcome to set up wizard

  • Click on Install to begin the Blackboard Collaborate Launcher installation.
  • Once the installation is finished, Click Finish to exit the Setup Wizard.

Finish set up wizard

  • After the Blackboard Collaborate Launcher is installed, go back to the meeting session or recording link and click on it, and it will download the .collab file in your browser’s Download and open it.
  • When you open that file, it will first verify the application you are using and will prompt you with a Security Warning. Click Run.  

Do you want to run this application?

  • If you are using the launcher for the first time, you will be prompted with a terms and condition window. Click Accept.

Quit or accept screen

  • Next step is to choose your connection speed. Choose the right connection speed from the drop-down list and click OK.

connection speed screen

  • Your session should now be running.

Classroom screen