Classroom Infrastructure Project

The main purpose of the Classroom Infrastructure Project was to develop a comprehensive plan for classroom upgrades and renovations in order to ensure our infrastructure supports excellence in teaching. As part of this project, a Visioning Workshop was held where faculty across campus provided input on current challenges and future classroom aspirations. The Teaching and Learning with Technology Committee (TLTC) held educational technology focus groups with faculty and generated a results report. Audio Visual Services, University Systems, generate monthly reports on requests for classroom technology support. Information from these sources has been used to develop the Teaching and Technology Design Principles. 

Teaching Excellence

Teaching is integral to UVIC and the classroom enhances students’ learning experience. Instructors use different modalities for teaching and UVIC wants to support face to face lectures, blended learning, flipping the classroom, flexible learning, and technology use in the classroom. Periodic refreshing and updating is required in order to promote opportunity for different teaching practices and a productive learning environment. UVIC is committed to innovative teaching and learning as one of its core values.

Teaching and Technology Design Principles


  • Enable the instructor to walk into a classroom with minimal familiarity and training and successfully use the technology
  • Free the instructor to simultaneously use multiple sources in multiple locations in the space.


  • Facilitate accessibility for participants through appropriate design and the use of technology.
  • Enable interaction with the technology to manipulate and create information.


  • Implement modern furnishings, finishes, and audiovisual perceptions through fully digital classroom technology components and infrastructure

Remotely Supportable

  • Enable instructors to request and receive technical support in the classroom


  • Facilitate multiple teaching modalities and be easily reconfigured


Scheduled upgrades for the 2017-2018 school year include:

  • Elliot 167
  • Elliot 168


An average refresh will renovate the space to update the existing condition, which means the repair or replacement of the room's assets and the update of the base building which could include the following:

  • Paint
  • Flooring
  • Chalk or whiteboards
  • Ceiling
  • Lighting
  • Window coverings
  • AV Consoles
  • Furniture

In addition to this, a refresh could include adding additional writable surfaces for student use and graphics to rooms with no natural light. University Systems would update the audio-visual capability of the room if needed.  

A non-average refresh would be changing the orientation of a room, removing tiers and or other major work to the base building.