The new upgrade in April will focus on usability and ease of navigation. All online tutorials will be updated to provide accessible support and guidance for the new system, and we will be offering workshops and drop-ins throughout the spring, summer and fall to assist with the change. Here is a sneak preview of some of the exciting changes.

The User and Participants pages have been combined onto a single page, making managing and messaging course participants simpler and more intuitive. Instructors can easily view student groups and send class messages, now in one place!

Manage your deadlines, appointments, and events with the new and improved Calendar features. Your calendar automatically updates with due dates from your enrolled courses, as well as any appointments made using the CourseSpaces Scheduler. Easily add you own events by clicking the New Event button, or change the date of an existing event by dragging and dropping it onto the new date. You can also export your CourseSpaces calendar to your Google or Outlook accounts.

There is much more to look forward to, from an improved dashboard for students that features their courses and upcoming activities, to the ability for instructors to easily specify submission file formats, or mark student activities as complete. Watch for the new upgrade and a new look for your CourseSpaces, coming this April.

Please take a look at our Upgrade Tip Sheet!

Course sites on CourseSpaces

Course sites on CourseSpaces will have a new look.

CourseSpaces upgraded activity

The same CourseSpaces activities and resources, many with increased functionality.

CourseSpaces upgraded participants

Participants and users pages have been combined for easy navigation.

CourseSpaces upgraded calendar

The new calendar feature helps you keep track of appointments, assignments, and more!