HTTPS: Practicing Safe Computing

  • In 2016, CourseSpaces upgraded from HTTP to HTTPS. This small letter in the web address represents an upgrade to the online learning environment and its content.
  • HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) is the secure version of HTTP
  • Not all websites use HTTPS; for example, Google as HTTPS, whereas Used Victoria as not—notice the lack of the s!

What is the difference between embedded content, uploaded content, and links?

  • Embedded content is content that appears within CourseSpaces but lives in another part of the internet. This includes images, audio files, and videos that have been added by copying and pasting their web URL into the text editor for an activity, resource, or course section so that the content appears within the course site.This is the only type of content that will be affected by this upgrade, and only if the web URL starts with HTTP instead of HTTPS. 
  • Uploaded content is hosted directly within CourseSpaces and is added from your own device. Because of this, uploaded content will always be in HTTPS format and is not affected.
  • Links take users outside of CourseSpaces. These are not impacted.
  • In the example below, the image of the mountains is an example of what embedded content may look like, while the CBC News article is an example of a link.

An example of an embedded image as distinct from a link

What does this mean for my courses?

  • If you are using content from a course that was last used in 2016 or earlier, please check for embedded media (e.g., videos and images) from an HTTP site.  
  • If you do have content embedded from an HTTP site, a yellow error message will appear, notifying you of the HTTP content. You will need to adjust or replace the content.
  • Content already embedded using HTTPS are not affected. Links that take users to external HTTP sites are not impacted.
  • CourseSpaces will alert you if content you are trying to embed is not HTTPS so that you can find a solution ahead of time. 

Where can I go for help?

  • TIL can assist you with replacing your content, and answer any questions and concerns you have. Please email or come to our drop-in sessions
  • For any HTTP content, follow the instructions to replace it in our step-by-step guide.