Step by step guides

Replacing HTTP:


If your content is currently in HTTP format, you have a variety of options to continue to use this content. Please choose and follow the following guides to help determine the best way for you to proceed.

Replacing your content:

Replace with a link:

HTTP links are not affected as they take users to external locations. For this reason, links are a great replacement for embedded content, especially video and audio. Check out the following guides:

Upload new version:

Please review UVic's Copyright Guidelines prior to saving any content. For tips on how to find copyright compliant Google images, please watch this. Uploading a new version of the content works very well for images, and uploads the image to the HTTPS CourseSpaces database. Check out these guides:

Altering the URL of the content (UVic VOD):

Audio and video hosted on UVic's Video on Demand (VOD) has an HTTPS alternative that you can change yourself. This is a straightforward process that simply involves adding an "s" to the end of http in the URL, and an "hls" before VOD.