Academic integrity

"Academic integrity means being responsible for the quality of your work, preparing it honestly and respecting the intellectual community you are part of as a student." - University of Ottawa, Academic Integrity Student’s Guide

"Academic integrity requires you to develop essential skills including research, writing, and documenting." - York University, What is Academic Integrity?

The University of Victoria Calendar states that academic integrity “requires commitment to the values of honesty, trust, fairness, respect and responsibility. It is expected that students, faculty members and staff at the University of Victoria, as members of an intellectual community, will adhere to these ethical values in all activities related to learning, teaching, research and service.” For additional information, review the Policy on Academic Integrity in the current University of Victoria Calendar online.

The resources below may be of use in your research, documenting and writing. If you have any questions about using other’s materials, consult your instructor.

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