Concept maps and course blueprints

What are concept maps?

Concept maps are tools you can use when designing or redesigning your courses to help you clarify the relationships among course concepts. You can also use a concept map to outline specific components of your course, such as media pieces and assignments, as well as to organize the components and make sure that they fit in with the goals of your course.

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The Theory Underlying Concept Maps and How to Construct and Use Them (Joseph P. Novak and Alberto J. Cañas, Florida Institute for Human and Machine Cognition) outlines the theoretical foundations of concept maps.

What is a blueprint?

A course blueprint acts as an outline for your course as a whole and serves as a guide for sequencing your content. It should be detailed enough to serve as the basis for writing your course introduction and unit teaching points, but flexible enough to let you explore new directions once you’ve started your writing.

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