About TIL

UVic’s Strategic Plan calls for teaching and learning strategies that respond to current, data-driven recommendations. UVic faculty and staff want to create lively communities where students can interact, apply their knowledge and think in new ways. TIL wants to enact that vision. In addition to technical support, we help faculty and staff find opportunities to improve their pedagogy with technology in UVic’s face-to-face, hybrid and online courses—and we look to the future to ensure UVic educational strategies evolve with the state of research.

Members of the UVic community have great ideas about teaching and learning with technology. Our goal is to encourage that ingenuity by providing guidance and support to drive collaboration and innovation.

From osprey nest video feeds on the OAC to open education resources, TIL shapes a practical learning and teaching experience informed by digital fluency.

UVic is a leader in making knowledge accessible. We contribute by providing technical and pedagogical support for CourseSpaces and the Online Academic Community. We advise instructors and staff on how to effectively integrate tech to improve course and administrative experiences. We research and monitor emerging technology, responding to faculty inquiries and privacy concerns and recommending additions to UVic’s tech portfolio that can significantly improve the educational process for instructors, students and staff. 

TIL staff are designers, experienced educators and forward thinkers. Our emerging tech researchers evaluate new ideas for sustainability in the UVic context. Our support personnel are the experts on CourseSpaces and the Online Academic Community. Our designers combine expertise in education for the web and design for education. We’re passionate about UVic’s achievements and potential, and we envision possibilities for our community that we want to make realities.