March 7: On being here to stay, together

On being here to stay, together

Bob Wright Centre (BWC)B150
March 7
5:30pm - 7:30pm

Reconciling a regrettable colonial past with a respectful future is a challenge and an opportunity for governments and peoples around the world. As we celebrate Canada’s 150th, how do we reconcile the past and participate in an inclusive and diverse future? Join us for a conversation on the impact of universal aspirations for the rights of Indigenous peoples and of national calls for reconciliation. What can we do as individuals and within our communities to support these goals?

Presenters: Michael Asch (Department of Anthropology), Neilesh Bose (Department of History), Erynne Gilpin (Centre for Global Studies and PhD candidate, Indigenous Governance), Anita Girvan (Centre for Global Studies/School of Environmental Studies), and Val Napoleon (Faculty of Law)