September 29 at 7:00pm: ASBC AGM and Film Screening of “Impact of the Frolic”

The ASBC Victoria chapter would like to announce our annual AGM of 2015/2016 and first lecture.

Date: tonight Tuesday September 29, 2015

Location: Cornett Building, UVic in Room B219 (North end of the Cornett Building).

Time: 7:00pm (not 7:30 this month)

Our annual AGM (*Important details below) will be followed by a screening of the Emmy award winning documentary “Impact of the Frolic” that was screened at the Society of Historic Archaeology Conference in Seattle this year. Following the film there will be a brief discussion then likely trip over to the pub.

Description of “Impact of the Frolic”

In the summer of 1984, archaeologist Thomas Layton unearthed some unexpected Chinese artifacts at a Native American site in Mendocino County, California. Driven to discover their origins, Dr. Layton set out on a quest to solve the riddle of the mysterious potsherds.  These potsherds had been recovered from a cargo of Chinese porcelain spilled from a Gold Rush shipwreck.  How these altered the perception of Chinese immigration into the United States and its impact on both sides is the subject of this film.  What he eventually uncovered was the story of vast cultural connections and a shipwreck that impacted California forever. The film also documents the successful outreach to the collector/ treasure hunter community who in return for recognition turned over both artifacts and information to be shared with the public at large.

 *Important ASBC AGM news: There will be a few changes this year. As some of you know the provincial ASBC in Vancouver and our sister ASBC chapter in Nanaimo have struggled to maintain membership and keep active. As a result the Midden stopped issuing publications in 2013, and earlier this year the  Nanaimo branch officially closed for the foreseeable future. Presently the Vancouver executive is looking to move the seat of the society to Victoria where the executive and membership are still active.

This AGM the Vancouver President Jan Graff will come to Victoria and help host the AGM in which we will elect an executive as usual, however the provincial executive will be elected, not that of a local chapter.  To achieve a quorum we will need at least 10 ASBC members, so please come out if you are free, it will not take long!

If we are voted in as the provincial executive we have plans to restart the Midden for its 50th anniversary next year. The University of Victoria has agreed to host the journal as an online PDF, allowing more content and colour images. Issues would be accessible for the first six months or year only by members before becoming open access.  PDFs would also be sent out to members and a limited number would be printed to be distributed to libraries and handed out at lectures.

At the AGM we will be accepting annual membership fees. $18 for students/retired/nonwaged person, $25 general membership, 35$ for family membership.

Hope to see you all there, and please if you have any questions or suggested nominations please write us back at Nomination forms and ballot sheets are attached.


Jacob Earnshaw

President of Victoria chapter, ASBC.