March 13: You're invited to the Currents in Anthropology Conference

March 13: You're invited  to the first annual, Currents in Anthropology Conference

The Department of Anthropology is hosting a Research Conference on March 13, 2015 to celebrate the academic excellence of our students at UVIC. Anthropology Honours, Major, Minor, Master’s and Doctoral students, and those who have just have taken an Anthropology course that they really enjoyed, will be presenting talks and posters.

Join the students for part of or all of the day. See the schedule - Plan your visit.

12:30 Mix, Mingle and Munchies (light snacks offered)

Podium Presentations – 1:30-4:45, COR B235

1:30 Revisiting The Obstetric Dilemma: How Does The Environment Affect Risk In Childbirth? Thea Lamoureux
1:45 A Community of Equals: Animals in the Upper Paleolithic Art of Europe. Holly Cecil
2:00 Heiltsuk And Wuikinuxv Rock Art: Reminders on the Landscape. Aurora Skala
2:15 “More Useful and Significant Than it is at the Present Time”: Franz Boas’ Contributions to North American Physical Anthropology, the Aims of the Jesup North Pacific Expedition, and the Legacy of Dr. Bruno Oetteking’s Craniology of the North Pacific. Luke Kowalski
2:30 Reclaiming Representation: Indigenous Broadcasting, Multiculturalism, and Language Revitalization in Canada and New Zealand. Hana Mildenberger
2:45 Canoes and Colony:The Dugout Canoe as a Site of Intercultural Engagement in the Early Colonial Context of British Columbia (1849-1871). Stella Wenstob
3:00 BREAK
3:15 Simon James and the Curious Case of the Celts on the Atlantic: Analysing Representations of Celtic Nations in British Archaeology. Nicholas Healey
3:30 Ecological Implications of Gastroliths on a Northeastern Jordan Paleomarsh. Marissa Toner, Caitlin Thurley, and Tara Fraser
3:45 From the Primal Side of Nanook to Visual Sovereignty of Atanarjuat. Brittney Sharma
4:00 Contested Constructions of Indigenous Oral Tradition in Contemporary Canada.
Lindsay Shaw
4:15 Bears as Indicators of Feasible Environments for Human Occupation in the Archaeology of the First Peopling of the Americas. John Foster
4:30 Archaeological Screening Issues and Taphonomy in the Study of Pacific Herring and Northern Anchovy on the Northwest Coast. Aaron Cathers

5:00 KEYNOTE ADDRESS. Title: TBA Rachel Holmes, Executive Director of Intergovernmental
and Community Relations, Ministry of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation

Poster Presentations – 12:30-5:00, COR B250 and Hallway

When possible, presenters will be available for questions during breaks in the podium presentations.

1. Contestation of Natural Resources in the Lacandon Rainforest (Chiapas Mexico). Mariana A. Núñez Silva
2. Capuchin Conservation in Brazil. Emma Lavery and Kristy Wilson
3. Skeletal Variability of Femoral Robusticity in Two Human Populations. Stephanie Calce
4. The Ochre Project. Tara Fraser
5. Traces of Slavery in the Viking World. Brittney Sharma
6. Koro: How Building A Community Can Change Children’s Perspective On Violence And How Violence Against Women Affects Her Children. Brittney Sharma
7. Ross Bay Cemetery Monument Analysis. Melanie Heizer, Kathryn Vey, Anna Thompson, Bailey McLeod and Spencer Armitage
8. Changes in Amazonian Agriculture: Before and After the European Conquest. Devon Hitchmough
9. Soundscapes: An Opening into the World of Sound. Arden Clay, Aviva Lessard, and David Harding
10. Jamaica to Toronto: Tracing the Diaspora Through Reggae. Kelly Joyce and Mark McIntyre
11. The Gender Mark: Evolution Of Death in The Viking Age. Tara Fraser and Sam Landan
12. Old Thoughts, New Directions - Archaeological Interpretations of Coast Salish People's History. Ursula Abramczyk
13. Forum of Healing Arts and Exhibits as Sites of Healing, Empowerment and Dialogue in the Aftermath of the Alberni Indian Residential School. Bradley Clements