Congratulations to the Award Winners at Currents in Anthropology

Congratulations to the Award Winners at the first annual Currents in Anthropology...

Best Undergraduate Podium Presentation:
Nicholas Healey: Simon James and the Curious Case of the Celts on the Atlantic: Analysing Representations of Celtic Nations in British Archaeology.
Honourable mentions:
Hana Mildenberger: "Reclaiming Representation: Indigenous Broadcasting, Multiculturalism, and Language Revitalization in Canada and New Zealand.”
Holly Cecil: "A Community of Equals: Animals in the Upper Paleolithic Art of Europe.”

Best Graduate Podium Presentation:
Stella Wenstob: "Canoes and Colony: The Dugout Canoe as a Site of Intercultural Engagement in the Early Colonial Context of British Columbia (1849-1871).”

Best Undergraduate Poster Presentation:
Arden Clay, Aviva Lessard, and David Harding: "Soundscapes: An Opening into the World of Sound.”
Honourable mentions:
Kelly Joyce and Mark McIntyre: "Jamaica to Toronto: Tracing the Diaspora Through Reggae.”  Mariana A. Núñez Silva: "The Desert of Solitude: Contestation of Natural Resources in the Lacandon Rainforest”

Best Graduate Poster Presentation:
Stephanie Calce: "Skeletal Variability of Femoral Robusticity in Two Human Populations”

People’s Choice Award:
Bradley Clements: "Forum of Healing? Arts and Exhibits as Sites of Healing, Empowerment and Dialogue in the Aftermath of the Alberni Indian Residential School.”