Vikings in Iceland Talk with Dr. Erin McGuire on August 9

Night Shift is an opportunity for adults to explore creative connections to our feature exhibition through  special guests, music and activities.

Leave your horned helmet at home and begin your evening with a drink in Clifford Carl Hall, at the Royal BC Museum. While you groove to pagan inspired sounds try writing with runes or playing an ancient board game. Interact with an artist, archeologist and an aspiring boat builder and go on a “raid” up to the Viking exhibition and learn something new about Viking life.

As part of Night Shift, Dr. Erin McGuire will share her knowledge about the time Vikings were in Iceland. Her presentation will start at 9:00pm.

In true Viking fashion, we will gather together in a Warrior Challenge and end with a spectacular fire presentation by Calamity Circus.

Your ticket is valid at 7 pm if you wish to come early and explore the museum. If you leave your drink downstairs, you can go up into any of the galleries, throughout the evening, up until 10 pm.

For more information and to purchase tickets go to the RBC Museum's web site.