September 17: Continuing Education offers Forensic Course

The Answers are Written in Bone: Forensic Anthropology of the Human Skeleton

In this course you will examine topics of forensic anthropology and learn how to create an individual profile for unidentified human skeletal remains. You will learn what happens to bodies when they decay in various environments, how to personally identify the deceased (including sex, age, stature) and how to determine causes of death from trauma or pathology. Each session will feature a hands-on lab exercise that may include the handling of human remains. We will also explore the processing of outdoor crime scenes. The final session will take place outside (rain or shine on the UVic campus) and will involve crouching, as well as hands and knees searching. You will receive information about appropriate outdoor attire at the first session.

Taught by Stephanie Calce, Anthropology PhD student

Starts September 17, 2014 at 6:30pm

More information on the Continuing Education web site