IACE Leadership Update (April 2022)

Message from Qwul'sih'yah'maht Dr. Robina Thomas, Vice-President Indigenous

I am pleased to announce that Kundoqk (Dr. Jacquie Green) has been appointed as the new Executive Director, Office of Indigenous Academic & Community Engagement (IACE), beginning August 1, 2022. Kundoqk is from the Haisla Nation, being Kitselas/Tsimshian on her mother’s side and Xanixsila/Kemano on her father’s side, born and raised in Haisla territories.

Many of you may know Kundoqk from her various roles at UVic over the years, including as Program Manager for the Indigenous Child Welfare Research Network and her current role as Associate Professor and Director in the School of Social Work. She co-developed the Indigenous Specializations Program, in which students are given a place to explore their own cultural knowledge and bring that to their research and social work. She holds a Masters of Public Administration and a PhD from UVic. Her PhD work, Haisla Nuuyum, is an examination of how to incorporate cultural knowledge and practices into development of programs, policies and procedures.

Kundoqk is an experienced administrator, instructor, facilitator and researcher with a strong commitment to inclusion, reconciliation and decolonization. She is an expert in Indigenous knowledge and philosophies, and child welfare policy and practice, with a strong commitment to incorporating anti-racist, trauma-informed and decolonizing practices in education and leadership. She draws on her cultural knowledge, relational work and Circle Teachings to address issues of racism, and is committed to growing the Indigenous space at UVic and beyond.

The appointment process was conducted in accordance with UVic employment policies and the Guidelines for the Appointment of the Executive Director, IACE. During the process, the committee was impressed with her vision for IACE, which centres on community engagement and student success and extends to faculty, instructors, coordinators, counsellors, Elders, and all those who are crucial to fostering student success.

Please join me in congratulating Kundoqk and welcoming her to her new leadership position.

In order to support the transition, Lalita Kines has generously agreed to stay on until July 31, 2022 as Interim Executive Director (a role she had been sharing with Dr. Rob Hancock, as co-Interim Executive Director). My sincere thanks to Rob for his contribution in that role and to Lalita for agreeing to continue to serve in this way.