Isabel Trigger

Isabel Trigger
Adjunct Associate Professor of Physics and Astronomy
University of Victoria

BSc (McGill), PhD (Montreal)

Office: TRIUMF Laboratory, Vancouver, BC

Brief career history

  • CERN fellow (non-member state) 1999-2002 - OPAL / ATLAS
  • CERN scientific staff 2002-2005 - ATLAS / OPAL
  • TRIUMF research scientist since 2005 - ATLAS
  • TRIUMF Particle Physics deputy group leader 2009-2014

Research interests

  • Searches for physics beyond the Standard Model
  • Measurement of triple gauge boson couplings
  • Alignment and construction of muon detectors




Current graduate student(s)

  • Evan Carlson (MSc 2019, PhD)

Graduated student(s) (UVic)

  • Ewan Hill (MSc 2011, PhD 2017)

Current postdoctoral researchers of the TRIUMF ATLAS group

  • Estel Perez Codina
  • Benoît Lefebvre


  • Jelena Jovicevic (CERN Fellow)
  • Francesco Guescini (Postdoctoral Fellow, Max Planck Institute)
  • Yoshio Ishizawa (Japanese industry)
  • Arthur Moraes (Faculty, Brazilian Centre for Research in Particle Physics)
  • Ian Nugent (Research Associate on BaBar, UVic)
  • Dominique Fortin (Medical Physics, Toronto)
  • Basil Schneider (CMS, Fermilab)
  • Alex Koutsmann (Data scientist, Netherlands)
  • Doug Schouten (CTO at CRM Geotomography Technologies)
  • Noam Tal Hod (Senior Researcher, Weizmann Institute of Science)