Isabelle Gagne

Isabelle Gagne
Adjunct Professor
BC Cancer - Victoria

PhD (Medical Physics, U of Alberta), FCCPM

Office: BC Cancer - Victoria

Overview of Research

My focus these past few years have been on the use of SpaceOAR gel to minimize rectal toxicities in prostate radiotherapy. I have also just recently engaged in research that makes use of deep learning techniques to improve image guidance RT for prostate. Most of my projects are clinical in nature and aim to improve quality in RT planning and delivery.


PHYS 544 Instructor

Graduate students

  • Jason Crawford (MSc)
    • Thesis: A comprehensive evaluation of EPIDose for patient specific IMRT QA
  • Evan Maynard (MSc)
    • Thesis: Evaluation of a helical diode array and planned dose perturbation model for pre-treatment verification of volumetric modulated arc therapy
  • Samantha Lloyd (PhD)
    • Thesis: Monte Carlo models for modulated electron radiotherapy on Varian Linacs.
  • Owen Paetkau (MSc)
    • Thesis: Spacer gel patient selection model for maximal rectal sparing

Selected publications

  • Paetkau O, Gagne IM, Pai HH, Lam J, Goulart J, and Alexander A. “Maximizing rectal dose sparing with hydrogel: A retrospective planning study.” JACMP.20(4): 91-98 (2019).
  • Lloyd S, Gagne I, Bazalova-Carter M, and Zavgorodni S. “Measured and Monte Carlo simulated electron backscatter to the monitor chamber for Varian TrueBeam Linac.” PMB.61(24): 8779-8793 (2016).
  • Lloyd S, Gagne I, Bazalova-Carter M, and Zavgorodni S. “Validation of Varian TureBeam electron phase-spaces for Monte Carlo simulation of MLC-shaped fields.” Med Phys.43(6): 2894-2903 (2016).
  • Lloyd S, Zavgorodni S and Gagne I. “Comparison of measured Varian Clinac 21EX and TrueBeam accelerator electron field characteristics.” 16(4): 193-201 (2015).
  • Landry A, Berrang T, Gagne I, Popescu C, Mitchell T, Vey H, Sand L, Yan Soh S, Wark J, Olivotto I and Beckham W. “Investigation of variability in image acquisition and contouring during 3D ultrasound guidance for partial breast irradiation.” Radiation Oncology.9:35 (2014).
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