Wayne Beckham

Wayne Beckham
Adjunct Professor

PhD (U of Adelaide), FCCPM, PPL BCCA

Office: BC Cancer Agency, VIC, Victoria

As head of the medical physics group at the BC Cancer Agency, Vancouver Island Centre (VIC), I am proud to offer an environment for students that is challenging and conducive to excellence in research. 

We have excellent faculty, with each one having established reputations for academic productivity and therefore presenting great opportunities for students in our program. It is a privilege for me to lead the physics group at VIC.

Overview of research

My major research focus involves application of leading edge technology to improving treatment outcomes (either increased cure rates or decreased complication rates) for radiation therapy patients. This involves significant collaboration between physicists, radiation therapists and radiation oncologists, often involving patients being treated in ethics approved research protocols designed to assess patient outcome.

I am also interested in radiation dose modelling using Monte Carlo methods for accurate dose calculations. Monte Carlo methods also have the ability to incorporate random patient set-up uncertainties in the final treatment dose calculation and this may influence the effectiveness of specific patient treatments.

As the leader of the Vancouver Island Centre's Medical Physics Group, my overall goal is to provide an environment where research opportunities for staff and students are an integral part of the work culture.


Graduate students

  • Karl Bush (PhD 2009)


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