Important dates and deadlines

Current academic deadlines such as adding and dropping courses are listed in the University Calendar.

Deadlines for awards depend on the type of award and vary year to year. Most departments should know what awards are available by September 1 and deadlines start about two weeks from that - though they vary somewhat from year to year.

  • UVic and federal awards such as NSERC: contact your department for its internal deadline.
  • Donor and alumni awards vary in number, timing and value. Get information from your department and Student Awards and Financial Aid.

Find dates and deadlines

Science Undergraduate Research Awards (SURA) Feb 15
Bob Wright Undergraduate ScholarshipAwards Mar 15

Please refer to the University Calendar for additional student dates and deadlines.

Deadlines for submitting material to the Dean’s office


Advance notice from Chairs\Director of faculty who will be seeking reappointment, tenure, promotion and continuing Assistant and Associate Teaching Professor effective July 1, 2017.

Sep 15

Departmental Report on reappointment AND continuing Assistant and Associate Teaching Professor (Article 38.1.1).

Oct 15

Departmental Report on tenure (Article 38.1.2).

Nov 15

Departmental Report on promotion that will confer tenure (Article 38.1.3).

Nov 15

Departmental Report on promotion (Article 38.1.4).

Jan 15

NOTE: Please refer to Appendix "G" of the Faculty Collective Agreement for ARPT departmental deadlines, which may vary from the above. The deadlines above are Chairs'\Director's deadlines for submission to the Dean.

Undergraduate Curriculum changes - Cycle 1

Deadline for submission of undergraduate curriculum changes to

Sep 16

Faculty of Science Graduate Awards

Nominations due in Dean's Office

Sep 16
Graduate Curriculum changes - Cycle 1

Deadline for submission of graduate curriculum changes to

Sep 23

Study Leave applications

Faculty are to submit their application directly to their Chair\Department by October 1. Chairs/Director are to submit their assessments to the Dean's office by October 31.  Refer to (Part 4: Section 43) of the Faculty Collective Agreement.

Study/administrative leave details.

Note:  Budgetary constraints may not permit all leave applications to be granted. Applicants' offices may need to be made available to house replacement appointments during their leave.

Oct 31

Graduate and Undergraduate Curriculum changes - Cycle 2

Deadline for submission of curriculum changes to

Jan 6
Annual Curriculum Vitae and Teaching Dossier update
A PDF file should be emailed to Guidelines are available from the Dean’s office if required. Jan 31
Science Undergraduate Research Awards (SURA)
SURA award applications due in Dean's office.

Feb 15

Annual report of External Professional Activities and Conflict of Interest

This report covers the period July 1 to June 30. A description of the nature and scope of all External Professional Activity (Section 60) and Conflict of Interest (Section 61) must be included in an annual form submitted to the member's Chair/Director on or before February 1.

Chairs/Director must file a personal annual general disclosure with the Dean and a departmental summary by March 1. See the Faculty Collective Agreement and annual report of external professional activities and conflict of interest.

Mar 1

Teaching, Research and Staff Excellence Awards
Nominations for awards due in Dean's office. Mar 1
Recommendations due in Dean's office. Mar 1
Lansdowne proposals

Proposals from eligible departments due in Dean’s office. Note: A complete recommendation for appointment package must be forwarded to the Dean well in advance of the intended visit.

Mar 15
Annual Evaluation of chairs and directors

Each chair and director must submit a statement describing their personal scholarship, teaching and service record for assessment. The service record should include details about their performance as chair or director. A separate document giving details about the unit development and goals should also be submitted. (Note: Newly appointed academic administrators (July 1) will be expected to submit a statement of goals for approval by August 1 and in subsequent years participate in the annual May review.)

Mar 31
Bob Wright undergraduate scholarship awards
Award applications due in Dean's office.

Mar 15

Report on external use of unit facilities

Per Policy BP3405 on the use of university facilities of academic departments by external organizations or individuals. The report should be submitted by the chair or director on behalf of the unit.

Apr 30
Annual review of Non-tenured and Tenured Faculty members, and Assistant and Associate Teaching Professors in their intitial term

Refer to Faculty Collective Agreement Section 20 for Non-tenured faculty (Articles 20.1-12), for Tenured faculty (Article 20.13), and for Assistant and Associate Teaching Professors (Articles 20.14-16) in their initial three-year term. A copy of the chair's statement must also be sent to the Dean.

May 15

Annual review of Assistant Teaching Professors in their reappointment term

Refer to Faculty Collective Agreement Articles 20.17-22.  An annual review for Assistant Teaching Professors who have been reappointment to a four-year term must be submitted prior to the end of the second year of the reappointment term. A copy of the chair's statement must also be sent to the dean.

Leave without pay

There is no deadline. However, faculty and staff members should submit their requests well in advance of the proposed leave date if possible.