Customs and brokerage


Thompson Ahern & Co. (TACO) Limited is UVic's customs brokerage service provider and handles all shipments and related services. 

TACO has extensive experience working with other Canadian post-secondary institutions.  They provide audit support, compliance and consulting services, EDI solutions, and 24/7 support to domestic and international customs clearance requirements for low- and high-value shipments, including perishables.

NOTE: The Notice of Shipment form needs to be completed for every international shipment UVic receives.

How to import goods

Are you receiving an international shipment? Planning to order online from a foreign supplier?  Please know that every international shipment to UVic requires the completion of the Notice of Shipment form, including samples, gifts and donations.   

How to export goods

Do you need to export goods or equipment? Fill out an Export Information Form and send it to Purchasing Officer . All exports must clear customs, including temporary shipments such as items sent for repair, calibrations, or loan. Purchasing Services will help ensure shipments meet customs requirements. Allow at least 48 hours prior to the anticipated shipment date. 

Please note

All goods must be documented and shipped separately.  UVic staff should not travel with goods that need to be imported/exported.  This may cause delays to the traveller and cause goods to be impounded.  We ask that all staff ship their goods to/from their destination separately.