Volunteer with UVic Orientation

Two volunteers for UVic Orientation leading a group of new students

Get involved with UVic Orientation, and help welcome new students and families to the University of Victoria!

As an orientation volunteer, you'll connect new students to the UVic community by welcoming, inspiring and supporting them. Through our programs and activities, new students are introduced to our culture and values, get to know campus resources and services, meet other incoming students, and begin to learn their way around campus.

Orientation leaders play a critical role by acting as university ambassadors and upper-year mentors, providing new students with a positive introduction to UVic, and contributing to a welcoming and supportive atmosphere.

Beyond the opportunity to help welcome new students, being an orientation leader has numerous benefits:

  • Develop new skills
  • Learn more about UVic and your campus community
  • Create new social connections
  • Receive a free orientation t-shirt, training and professional development, and a reference
  • Eligible for the co-curricular record
  • Preference for other leadership opportunities with Student Recruitment and Global Engagement throughout the year.

Orientation volunteer roles

Learn more about the volunteer opportunities with Residence Orientation, New Student Welcome and Graduate Student Orientation. You can tell us which roles you're interested in when you submit your application.

How to apply

If you are interested in volunteering for orientation in fall 2020, add your name to our mailing list to be notified when applications re-open in the summer. 

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Meet our volunteers

Arjun is an orientation leader and biology student at UVic
My favourite thing about volunteering with UVic Orientation is being one of the first people that the new students meet at UVic. It's so much fun getting to interact with them and all the other volunteers! Leaving a positive first impression is always rewarding.

Arjun, Biology
Asiyah is an orientation leader and Biochemistry/Chemistry student at UVic.
One of my most rewarding experiences is volunteering at orientation, where I get to help new students take their first steps in forging their own homes within our UVic community.

Asiyah, Biochemistry and Chemistry
Jordan is an orientation leader and history student at UVic
To make a positive impact on the experiences of new students and to know you are making a difference is immensely gratifying. Orientation is more than just a tour, and I'm so appreciative to work with such an amazing group of volunteers in order to bring our campus to life.

Jordan, History
Karyn is an orientation leader and a Sociology student at UVic
I love being a part of Orientation because it is an amazing opportunity to be more connected to the campus community and to share my love of UVic with prospective and incoming students. I feel welcome at UVIC, and I want other students to have that same experience.

Karyn, Sociology
Seamus is an orientation leader and history student at UVic
One of my greatest joys in volunteering for orientation is the ability to make connections with peers from other faculties and years, while showcasing the best of what the University has to offer.

Seamus, History and Political Science

Our volunteer philosophy

We recognize that the success of our programs relies on volunteer contributions and we believe that our students provide the most authentic perspective on campus life and the student experience. Their stories can help new and prospective students, as well as their families and support systems, to achieve a sense of belonging and preparedness within the UVic community.

Our volunteers perform critical work that advances the mission of our unit to facilitate the successful transition of new students into the UVic community. Volunteers create opportunities for student interaction, share campus knowledge, highlight the student experience and build community at UVic.