Strength in consistency

- University of Victoria

Maclean’s rankings continue to place UVic among Canada’s top universities

For the fourth consecutive year, UVic holds second place among Canada’s comprehensive schools in the Maclean’s University Rankings for 2021. Consistency, in this case, demonstrates great strength—and top-tier performance in many of the metrics Maclean’s uses to assess each school.

UVic is again first among comprehensive schools for medical/science grants, and for faculty awards. It also takes second place in its class for student awards and for library services (expenses and acquisitions), key supports to teaching and research.

This is the third year that Maclean’s has asked students to consider each school’s work in making Indigenous histories, cultures and languages visible on campus—and UVic has taken the #1 spot each and every year.

UVic is also consistently ranked as one of Canada’s top universities for experiential learning—ranked #2 this year, just behind Waterloo.


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