Short-term investment policies to get update

In its continuing commitment to promote a sustainable future, the university is updating two policies related to its investments and is inviting feedback from interested faculty, staff and students.

Over the spring and summer, UVic’s finance office worked with student group representatives to discuss and review its responsible investment policies, specifically the Short Term Investment Policy and the policy that guides it, the Policy on Social Responsibility and UVic Investments.

Short-term investments—distinct from endowment funds, donations and other long-term financial assets—are intended to provide returns on the university’s short term cash that is used over the school year to fund operations, research, capital projects and other requirements.

The university invests these funds over a much shorter period to ensure cash is available when required. The return on these investments form part of UVic’s annual operating budget, which is approved in March by the Board of Governors.

Examples of investment strategies include those that consider environmental, social and governance issues; integration; engagement; negative/exclusionary screening; positive screening/best in class; generating positive environmental, social and finance return; and sustainability-themed investments.

Goals of the review include continuing to achieve UVic’s investment objectives, updating responsible investment practices and aligning each of the policies within the University of Victoria’s Strategic Framework. UVic aims to be a global leader in environmental, social and institutional sustainability through research, academic programs, campus operations and the impact and influence of our students, faculty, staff and alumni. 

Consultations will continue through October. It is expected the review of the Policy on Social Responsibility and UVic Investments will go to the Board of Governors for discussion later this year, and the Short Term Investment Policy review will go to the board in 2020.

Members of the university community interested in getting more information and to provide feedback shoudl visit the short-term investments page of the financial planning website.


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