Convocation medals and awards, Spring 2013

Governor-General's Gold Medal (best Doctoral thesis)

Dr. Nathaniel West

PhD, Department of Biochemistry & Microbiology


Governor General's Silver Medal (top undergraduate student)

Nigel Burke

BSc Honours in Combined Physics and Mathematics


Lieutenant Governor's Silver Medal (best Master's thesis)

Mr. Geoffrey Conrad

LLM, Faculty of Law


Lieutenant Governor's Silver Medal (Other than Thesis)

Mr. Adam Taylor

MA, Department of English


Jubilee Medal in Humanities

Brittney O’Neill

BA Honours in Linguistics, Chinese Studies Minor


Jubilee Medal in Science

Daniel Moller

BSc Honours in Biochemistry


The Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology Undergraduate Student Award 

Drew Thomas Commandeur

BSc, Honours in Kinesiology


Certificate of Outstanding Academic Distinction in the Faculty of Human and Social Development

Kara Sundberg, BSN


The Law Society Gold Medal

Catherine George, JD


William R. McIntyre Medal

Alyssa Holland, law


Victoria Medal in Fine Arts

Regan Shrumm

BA Honoursin History in Art, Film Studies Minor


Jubilee Medal in the Social Sciences

Sam Agassiz

BA, Economics


The Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering Medal

Andrew Berry

BEngin Mechanical Engineering


Deptartment of Computer Science Graduation Medal

Teng (Tim) Song

BSc Honoursin Computer Science


The IEEE Victoria Section Gold Medal in Computer Engineering

David Louis Edward Rusk

BEng,Computer Engineering


The IEEE Victoria Section Gold Medal in Electrical Engineering

Jarrah Gerald Bergeron

BEng, Electrical Engineering


The IEEE Victoria Section Gold Medal in Software Engineering

Christopher John McKnight

BSEng, Software Engineering

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