Golden Carrot Award for University Food Services

University Food Services recently received a Golden Carrot Award from the BC Public Health Association for outstanding efforts to bring food from local farmers to campus in the “Farm to University” program. UVic is one of the first post-secondary institutions to implement the program in the province.

The award was made possible through the attendance of UVic Purchasing Services staff at meetings with Vancouver Island farmers, Heritage Co-operative, the ranching community, and UVic's Office of Community-Based Research. They also made presentations in classes, and participated on the “Farm to Cafeteria” Advisory Committee and Board of Advisors, making presentations up-island and in Victoria, Vancouver and Richmond, and ensuring that UVic tendering documents emphasize local procurement to the extent possible, including the calculations of green-house-gas emissions in our award decisions.

Farm to University programs “close the distance between farm and tray,” bringing high quality, fresh, nutritious and sustainably produced foods from nearby farms to universities. The programs contribute to student health and learning, while supporting local farmers and making a positive contribution to the environment. UVic’s campus food outlets prepare all meals in-house - using fresh, local ingredients wherever possible—and offer a wide selection of local, organic and sustainably grown foods.


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