Into That Darkness—Could it happen here?

- Daphne Donaldson

Timing is everything. Considering the recent devastating earthquakes in New Zealand and Japan, there is an eerie sense of reality with Steven Price’s new book, Into That Darkness. An 8.7 earthquake occurring in Victoria now seems much more believable. The horrific images of destruction in two well-prepared countries struggling with seismic disaster are becoming harder to ignore. Many people on campus are asking about how to be better prepared. For some, it’s improving their existing kits and plans, for others, it’s time to start.

Here are some ideas:

  • Purchase or put together a kit for each member of your family (including pets)
  • Make sure you have food and water for at least three days
  • Develop a family plan including an out-of-town contact in case you become separated
  • Consider having items at work and in your car, as well as at home • Expect many aftershocks
  • Take a first aid course and have medical supplies available
  • Keep cash on hand
  • Consult with neighbours about how you might help each other
  • Go to and click on Emergency Management for more tips

As a society, we’ve become dependent on others for ready sources of food, water, and medical help. As Steven Price’s book graphically illustrates, during a disaster, help will not be immediately available—we’ll have to fend for ourselves. We need to be prepared for at least three days—a week is preferable. It can happen here, it will happen here—it’s a matter of timing.

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