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CIFAL Victoria turns 1

March 21, 2023 -

In a single year since its inception, CIFAL Victoria, the United Nations-accredited training centre at the University of Victoria, has created a variety of courses, trained community leaders in Africa, partnered with BC First Nations, as well as a S…

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Mapping the health of kelp forests

January 5, 2023 - The Ring

Canopy-forming kelp forests are a vital lifeline for spawning herring and juvenile salmon, but a raft of environmental stressors make the future of those underwater forests uncertain. A new research alliance is examining the resilience and decline of bull kelp along the BC central coast due to warming ocean temperatures, in hopes of identifying areas of potential protection and possible restoration.

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Hope and story

December 9, 2022 - The Torch

UVic social sciences grad and Crookes professor Sean Holman works long hours trying to bring a human face to the way the media covers climate change—and build communities of action.

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