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Celebrating 60 years of UVic

December 21, 2023 - The Ring

In 60 years of UVic history, six core achievements stand out for shaping the university today, revealing core values we hold—in equity and inclusion, partnerships that serve and build, and in sustainability initiatives that are poised to make a global difference

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UVic documentary celebrates resilient spirit of Métis nation

November 14, 2023 - Media release

The Métis are often referred to as Canada’s “invisible people” – the “ghosts of the land” – whose stories haunt the country’s collective unconscious. Lii Michif Niiyanaan: We Are Métis is a one-hour documentary that addresses this invisibility by shining a new light on the historical and contemporary experience of Métis people in Canada and providing a space for Métis people to share their diverse perspectives on what it means to be Métis today.

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UVic alumni at forefront of creating positive change for Indigenous people

March 22, 2023 - Media release

Whether it’s amplifying voices, empowering communities through technology or reconnecting cultural traditions and plant-based knowledge, three UVic alumni are at the forefront of creating positive change for Indigenous people. They are all among the recipients of the 2023 Distinguished Alumni Awards, announced today.

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Teaching Black history

February 9, 2023 - The Ring

Adebisi Alade is a UVic historian who specializes in African history. In honour and celebration of Black History Month, we asked Alade to share with us his thoughts and insights into Black histories and Black History Month as he understands it.

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2022 REACH Awards

February 6, 2023 -

The REACH Awards honour the extraordinary teachers and researchers who lead the way in dynamic learning and make a vital impact at UVic, in the classroom and beyond.

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Black History Month

January 31, 2023 -

Black History Month provides an important opportunity to explore and celebrate the historical and current contributions of Black Canadians. At UVic, we recognize the many achievements of Black faculty, staff and students. We also acknowledge that ongoing work is needed to support racial equity, diversity and inclusion.

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Puzzles from the Holocaust

January 26, 2023 - The Ring

Lisa Abram, a third-generation Jewish Romanian Canadian and communications officer at the UVic, has spent the last year uncovering her family’s connection to the Holocaust, aided by relatives and UVic’s Holocaust Studies experts.

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Expert Q&A: HIV In My Day oral history project

November 30, 2022 -

Four decades after the start of a pandemic that has claimed 40 million lives, University of Victoria researchers are putting the stories of British Columbians who lived through the early days of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the spotlight. HIV In My Day, a community-based oral history project led by School of Public Health and Social Policy Associate Professor Nathan Lachowsky, captures the stories of 120 long-term HIV survivors and caregivers.

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