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Knowledge: cyber safe

November 26, 2016 - Ring

As digital technology becomes increasingly integrated and more advanced, so too does the threat to cyber-security. UVic’s Information Security and Object Technology research lab has been addressing this threat since 1999. Coordinator and research engineer Issa Traoré admits it’s a constant battle to keep ahead of hacker expertise and adaptability.

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An algorithm for teamwork

March 2, 2016 - Ring

Game programming contests drive student interest, experience and skill—and are putting UVic on the map in the programming world On Saturday, Feb. 20, UVic played host to a virtual battle, attended by over 300 students and developers wanting to test their artificial intelligence programming skills. It was the third annual BattleSnake competition. In the classic arcade game Snake, a player maneuvers a growing “snake” around the computer screen. As the snake grows in size, it becomes more difficult for the player to avoid making the snake run into itself. BattleSnake builds on this simple game: as the snake eats apples, it grows in size. Run into a wall, your own tail, or another snake’s tail and it’s game over. But there’s a competitive aspect to this version: run head-on into another player’s snake and the longer one consumes the shorter one.

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Students take third place in coding competition

November 10, 2011 - Ring

A team of UVic students captured third place among all Canadian teams participating in the IEEE 24-hour coding competition in October. Eleven UVic students from computer science, software engineering and electrical engineering, comprising four teams, competed in the worldwide online challenge, which involved 4,000 IEEE student members competing to solve a set of programming problems using C, C++, Java, or other programming languages. The top UVic team, IslandVikingCoders, completed ten problems. The other UVic teams all completed six problems. More: http://bit.ly/c3jHyG

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