President's statement on Ukraine attack

- President Kevin Hall

Statement from President Hall on behalf of the University of Victoria regarding attack on Ukraine

In the recent weeks, we have witnessed the situation in Ukraine rapidly escalate with profound concern. The University of Victoria community is keeping all of those impacted by this atrocious crisis and those with ties to Ukraine in our hearts and top of mind.

The University of Victoria community stands in solidarity with the people of Ukraine and those who support them without hesitation and strongly advocate for their right to live peacefully in their country. We echo the calls heard around the world for an urgent end to the conflict. We condemn the unjust attack on Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

We will work collaboratively alongside our international education colleagues across Canada; provincial and federal governments and the broader global community to effectively support the people of Ukraine.

Ukraine is part of our community—many UVic students, staff, faculty and alumni either hold Ukrainian citizenship or have family, friends or colleagues in Ukraine. UVic is home to leading scholars and educators in our Germanic and Slavic Studies Department, our Centre for Global Studies and across various UVic departments and faculties with expertise in, and close ties with, Ukraine. We extend our gratitude to our community members who have helped raise awareness and provided their valuable first hand perspectives on this crisis and the hardships so many innocent civilians of Ukraine are enduring.

The severity of a humanitarian crisis of this nature can weigh heavily on all of us and be especially traumatic for those with ties to the region and survivors of armed conflict from other parts of the world. The intense media attention can trigger increased trauma responses, an increase in incidents of racism and discrimination, and potential conflict between people with differing worldviews. Please take care of yourself, be kind to one another and reach out for support if you need it. There are resources available to support your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing, which can be found here:

As educators, scholars and leaders, it is imperative that each of us lead by example and demonstrate respect and compassion for one another during this challenging time, and always.