School of Exercise Picks Up The Pace

Will a healthy walk be on the menu after your holiday meal on Monday? Researchers at the University of Victoria’s School of Exercise Science, Physical and Health Education, think it should be. Dr. Ryan Rhodes, associate professor at the school of exercise and the study’s coordinator, and UVic student Thalia Parkinson, are researching if and how families keep fit throughout the year and want their help to keep track of the numbers of steps a family can take in a week.
    The provincial government recently announced plans for mandatory 30-minute daily exercise programs in BC schools next year. Rhodes and Parkinson want to gauge what is happening at home by asking participants to wear pedometers for one week at a time. The study entitled “Physical Activity Behaviours within the Family” will focus on low-cost strategies for getting toddlers and young children active with their families.
    “Obesity is on the rise among children, with over 70 per cent of our kids not active enough for healthy development,” says Rhodes, “and inactivity seems to start as young as two years of age.”
    The research team wants to hear from any parents who are at least 21 years old who have one or more young children. Those interested in participating can contact Parkinson at 250-472-5488 or by email at An honorarium is provided to each family, and a donation of five dollars per family will be made to the Queen Alexandra Centre for Children’s Health in Victoria, BC.

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