Information for faculty and instructors

VIDEO BOOKING REQUESTS may be made by instructors to preview videos or screen them in class.

VIDEO PURCHASING REQUESTS may be made by instructors who wish to have a particular video in the library collection.

Materials accepted for reserve

  • Books, scores, recordings and videos from the Library.     
  • Photocopies of articles from journals or a limited number of pages from a book or score.  The excerpt should not exceed 10 percent of the work.
  • PDFs of articles from journals or a limited number of pages from a book or score. The excerpt should not exceed 20 percent of the work.
  • Links to journal articles and databases licensed for use by UVic Libraries; please provide author, title and a URL.
  • Links to web sites and e-books.
  • Personal copies of music books, scores, recordings and videos.
  • Student materials; in compliance with the Copyright Act, the University of Victoria Libraries require written permission from the student in order to place her/his work on reserve.

 One copy of any item will be placed on reserve. If heavy use or class size warrants, additional copies may be added.

Reserve guidelines

  • If an item is not currently in our collection, please allow 6-8 weeks for ordering and processing. Please contact Bill Blair, Music and Media Librarian to request new materials.   For new videos, the UVic Libraries provide a cost share arrangement with departments and may share up to 50% of the cost of a purchase.
  • All requests submitted for reserve must comply with the UVic's Fair Dealing Policy or Access Copyright agreement; to ensure compliance, please provide full citation information for each item. Submitted items which do not fall within these guidelines will be forwarded to the copyright office for approval.
  • Photocopied readings will be bound individually, and so should be submitted separately.
  • Publisher's complimentary copies of text books will not be placed on reserve.

  • Coursepacks will not be placed on reserve.

  • Journals and other Library Use Only items will not be placed on reserve.

How and where to submit reserve lists

There are 3 options for submitting reserve lists:

  • Send requests via email
  • Complete the online request form
  • Visit us in person

Main Library reserve:  

Online request form for Main Library reserve

Music and Media reserve

Online request form for Music and Media reserve

Law Library reserve

Online request form for Law Library reserve

Reserve loan periods

  • Books, scores, cds and personal copies of these items may be placed on a 2 hour, 4 hour, 1 day or 3 day loan.

 Note: Items on a 2 hour loan may be borrowed overnight if charged out within 2 hours of closing.

  • Videos on reserve are to be viewed in the library on a 2 hour loan. You may place personal copies of videos on reserve, available as either a 2 hour or overnight loan.

Processing times and end of term procedures

  • To ensure that your course reserve materials are processed quickly, please submit your reserve requests as soon as possible and provide full citation information for each item.
  • Course lists received at the beginning of term may take two weeks to process from the time received.
  • If your course is being offered the following term and you'd like to use the same reserve items, please ask reserve staff to roll-over your materials to the next semester.
  • If your course is not offered in the following term, we'll send your personal copies and photocopies to your departmental office. Library items will be returned to the shelves. Links to online material will be deleted from the catalogue.

Reserve alternatives

In addition to placing material on reserve, you may consider the following:

  • Once your course materials have been processed by reserve, add the Ares link to your course CourseSpaces site for students to quickly access readings for your course.
  • The bookstore is able to produce coursepacks that consolidate all your course readings. These are customized to your specifications and available for sale to your students. The bookstore takes care of copyright clearance, print, duplication and coursepack preparation.
  • Coursepacks will not be placed on reserve.

For further information please contact the coursepack coordinator at 250-472-4589.