Renew items

For Music and Media items, you can renew several ways:


  1. Log in to my library account.
  2. Under Charged Items, check off each item that you would like to renew
  3. Click Request Renewal
  4. Check each item for the new due date

In person

  • Staff at the Music and Media loan desk can help you renew your Music and Media items
  • You must have either your UVic library card or government-issued photo ID with you

By phone or email

  • Call us 250 721-8232.  Please have your library card handy.
  • Email us at  Please include your UVic ID number in your email message.

Help! My item didn't renew!

  • The item may already be overdue or is due today. Once an item is overdue, it is not possible to renew items online. Phone or email us to help you right away.
  • You may have reached the renewal limit.  Audio and print material can be renewed five times, and most equipment can be renewed once.
  • The item may not be renewable. Recalled items and most reserve items are not renewable.
  • Your library card may have expired or will expire by the item due date.  Most library privileges must be renewed annually in September. 
  • I'm still not sure why I can't renew. If none of these reasons apply, please contact us for help.