Faculty of Humanities Summer Courses Available Online

Despite the upheaval and uncertainty that we’ve all faced in recent weeks, the Faculty of Humanities is committed to moving as many summer courses online as possible, ensuring that our students can progress through their degree safely from home.

Click here to read an announcement from Vice-President Academic and Provost Valerie Kuehne regarding remote instruction at the Universty of Victoria.

Below is a list of all confirmed summer courses currently offered by all Humanities programs, departments and centres, for your reference. Please bookmark this page, as it will be updated regularly as courses are added in the coming weeks.

For more information about each course please consult the academic calendar or contact the course’s home department. You can also  with general inquiries.  


ENGL135 Academic Reading and Writing Eric Henderson
ENGL135 Academic Reading and Writing Michael Lukas
ENGL135 Academic Reading and Writing Sara Humphreys
ENGL135 Academic Reading and Writing Tim Personn
ENGL135 Academic Reading and Writing *please note that this section is reserved for students in UVic's Pathways program only* Randy Lawrence
ENGL146 Contemporary Literature Andrew Murray
ENGL146 Contemporary Literature Brian Day
ENGL200B English Literature 1660 - 1800 Harb Sanghara
ENGL225 Technical Communications Joel Hawkes
ENGL366C Shakespeare: Comedies, Problem Plays & Romances Kim McLean-Fiander
ENGL436B 20th Century British Fiction After WWII Joel Hawkes
ENGL503 Special Studies: Loving Literature Misao Dean
ENGR240 Technical Writing Monika Smith
ENGR240 Technical Writing Michael Lukas
ENGR297 Technology and Society Alena Kottova
FRAN100 Intensive French I Annye Castonguay
FRAN325A Le Tour de France (taught in English) Emile Fromet de Rosnay
Gender Studies
GNDR100 Gender, Power and Difference Georgia Sitara
GNDR100 Gender, Power and Difference Mercedes Dorrercker
GNDR219 Special Topics: Young Adult Literature, Politics and Culture Janni Aragon
Germanic Studies
GMST454 A Cultural History of Vampires Peter Golz
GMST450/551 Major German Filmmakers: The Li[v]es and Legends of Leni Riefenstahl Matt Pollard
Hispanic & Italian Studies
SPAN100B Beginners' Spanish II Pablo Restrepo Gautier
SPAN149 Intensive Beginner's Spanish Alicia Ulysses
SPAN185 Hispanic Culture Through Film (taught in English) Chrissie Forster
SPAN305A Latin American Cities: Buenos Aires, Havana, Mexico City (taught in English) Dan Russek
SPAN307 Latin American Culture through Music (taught in English) Chrissie Forster
HISTR110 Conquest and Encounter in the Atlantic World, 1492-1700 Mitch Lewis Hammond
HSTR300C Gaming and the Historical Imagination David Dolff
HSTR310D American History in Film: "The American West" Norm Fennema
HSTR371 20th Century Warfare David Dolff
HSTR385A Witchcraft and its Persecution in the Early Modern Atlantic World Matthew Koch
HSTR385C History of Sexuality Georgia Sitara
HSTR430 Seminar in Canadian History: "Canada's Internment Era" Jordan Stanger-Ross
Medieval Studies
MEDI330 Victorian Medievalism Michael Reed
Pacific and Asian Studies
PAAS138 Intensive Beginner Japanese I Hiroko Noro
PAAS410 Advanced Mandarin for Native Speakers of Chinese: "Studies of Modern Chinese" Jun Tian
PAAS457 Authors in Classical Chinese Literature Lianbin Dai
PHIL201 Critical Thinking Alena Kottova
PHIL232 Moral Problems of Contemporary Society Karen Brown