Faces of the Humanities: Stacee Greig

Profile photo: Stacee Greig, UVic Facilities
Stacee Greig (Facilities Management)

If you recognize this friendly face, it’s probably because you’ve spent a bit of time in the Clearihue building, where for the last 8 years, Stacee Greig has worked in Custodial Services.

Following in the footsteps of her father, who worked at UVic for 35 years, and her brother, who worked here for 30, Stacee has done her family name proud through her formidable work ethic and unwavering attention to detail.

In her own 22 years of service at the University of Victoria, she has gained a reputation as a dedicated employee with a warm presence and cordial nature.

We sat down with Stacee for a long-overdue conversation to learn a bit about her and her work at the University.


Let’s start with the big question: has the pandemic affected your job?

Oh yes, definitely. Our priorities are way different. Our major concern is sanitization, so everything is sanitized a lot more frequently than what it was before. And when the campus was closed we were able to do a lot more long-term projects that are hard to get to when people are around, like re-waxing the floors. It's been a while since we've been able to do that. Normally, there are so many people walking through the building. You can’t say “no, no, no – you can’t come down here. We’re waxing!”


Would you say there's been more work, then, because of the pandemic?

I wouldn't say there's more work. There's less in some areas and more in others. We have to sanitize a lot more now, but we also have people whose only job is to go around and sanitize. It’s a balance.


You're known among our community for being consistently thorough and meticulous. What's your secret?

I love my job. A lot of people are cleaners, but not everyone takes pride in their work. I am a person who likes to clean so, for me, I find it rewarding if I see something dirty, clean it to the best of my ability, and then see how other people appreciate it. It can take a lot of effort, but when we're finished, it looks beautiful and it puts smiles on people's faces because it's a healthy environment.


What puts a smile on your face?

Let's see. Oh, children. If I feel sad or upset for any reason, I like to call my nephews. Just hearing their laughter always makes me feel really good.


For any of our readers who haven’t met you, how would you describe yourself?

 Hmmm… Energetic. Happy. Positive…. Compassionate… Honest….



Modest, no. Egotistical…. haha. Just kidding.


Those are my impressions of you as well.



The parts about being happy, positive and compassionate, I mean.


Do you have a favourite spot on campus?

I love the fountain [in front of the library]. I find it very tranquil to go out there on my breaks and sit and relax and hear the water. And Finnerty Gardens is beautiful.


When you’re off the clock, how do you like to spend your time?

I like to hike, cook, garden and spend time with friends or family.


Are there any local spots to go for a hike that you would recommend?

Mount Doug. That's a really nice hike. You can go there two or three times in one week and, because there are so many different trails, it seems like you're doing a new hike every time. There are hard trails and easier trails, so you can do an intense hike (or not) if you want. And, when you get to the top, the view is spectacular.


Last but not least, what words of wisdom help you get through tough times?

Live, laugh, love!


Stacee Greig profile photo

 Article by Philip Cox