154 Humanities courses any UVic undergrad can take

A person with a lovely smile and lively outfit stands in a path under the shade of a canopy holding a sign that says "154 Humanities courses any UVic undergrad can take"

Have room in your schedule for one more course? Looking to try something new?

Here’s a list of every no- or low-barrier course offered in the Faculty of Humanities this year, organized by theme.

Click on the course that interests you for more details!

You can also contact Academic Advising if you have questions about the courses and programs that are right for you.

Ancient Civilizations and Societies

Big Books




Genocide and Human Rights

Global Development

Health and Sexuality

The History and Science of Language

Human Connections and Cultures

Indigenous Cultures, Histories and Languages

Foundations of the Current Global Order


Knowledge and Big Ideas


Law and Justice

Media, Film and Sound

Propaganda, Myth, Speculation, Fantasy

Social Justice

Societies and How They Work

War and Conflict

Writing and Critical Thinking

Workplace Skills