Humanities report reflects on 2017

The Faculty of Humanities has launched its first-ever annual report.

Look back on the achievements and activities of 2017 through the online version of the report, which features students, faculty members, alumni and staff from across the Humanities.

The annual report is organized according to our faculty's four mission pillars: enrich human dignity, provoke critical inquiry, engage myriad voices, and inspire innovative expression.

Philosophy alumnus and artist Akira Weng brought these pillars to life with posters that illustrate each of the areas of our mission.

Weng, who grew up in Victoria, works on design in his free time. While he was a student, he won the faculty's first design competition, called Legendary Humanities.

"Studying in the Humanities has enriched and influenced all aspects of my life, including design," Weng says.

We are proud to features this talented artist's work.

  Engage myriad voices poster  Provoke critical inquiry poster