HCMC Journal

Since 2007 we have kept a publicly accessible blog for recording our working notes and documentation of projects. This year (2022) we transitioned to a new journal system which does not depend on a back-end database, and over the next few months we will migrate all posts which remain relevant from the old system to the new one before decomissioning the old system.

The use of the journal is voluntary, but it has become our primary means of project documentation, complementing the technical comments in the code. It has proven useful in helping us document: how we spend our time, why we make the decisions we do, and how we address specific tricky problems. We can then query the blog as needed to: keep up with each other day-to-day, better fill in for each other when necessary, or when faced with a problem to see if something similar has been faced by a colleague before, and if so, what was attempted and with what outcomes.