HCMC mandate

The mandate of the Humanities Computing and Media Centre (HCMC) is to collaborate with researchers and instructors to foster academic excellence through effective and innovative applications of digital technologies in humanities. Our academic scope includes all fields of enquiry pursued in the Faculty of Humanities at UVic which involve advanced use of audio, video or computing technology, such as (but not limited to) language learning/teaching, humanities computing, literary/textual analysis. These objectives are to be achieved through a research and development office which develops web applications, websites, on-line databases and application programs, and an academic computing commons of bookable supervised computer workstations for use by faculty or research assistants participating in projects supported by us.

We foster interdisciplinary synergies and serves as an institutional repository of expertise in a range of areas:

  • programming for Digital Humanities (Javascript, PHP, Java, CSS, XHTML, XML, XSLT)
  • digitization of data and preparation for use in projects (markup, normalizing, structuring)
  • website creation and maintenance (departments, courses, projects)
  • production of innovative visualizations/presentations, standards-based digital editions and print documents
  • collaboration on grant applications and projects
  • support for projects once grant funding expires
  • storage to support research and teaching
  • specialized servers (for example, XML and relational database engines)
  • management of projects
  • supervision and training of research assistants

Please contact us if you have a research idea or instructional situation that might benefit from any of our areas of expertise. We would like to help you.