Local Government Knowledge Partnership Conferences and Workshops

December 11, 2009: "Symposium on Regional Government in the Vancouver Region"

This one day symposium explored whether the existing regional governance structures in the Lower Mainland (principally the GVRD), are adequate to meet the current and future needs of citizens, local governments, and other stakeholders in that region of British Columbia.

A Review of Canadian Metropolitan Regions: Governance and Government. Andrew Sancton. Discussion Paper Presentation

Evolution of Key Institutions for Local and Regional Governance. Brian Walisser. Presentation

Government Structure in the United States: Incremental Progress toward Regional Government or More of the Status Quo? Don Phares. Discussion Paper Presentation

Regional District Review -1999: Issues and Interjurisdictional Comparisons. Robert Bish. Report

March 24, 2009: "40 Years: A Regional District Retrospective"

A one day event recognizing and celebrating regional districts as a feature of British Columbia's local government system for 40 years. This unique event brought together past and present CAO's to share their experiences and discuss the evolution of regional districts over the past 40 years.

Evaluating RD's against other Local Government Structures. How Do We Stack Up? Emmanuel Brunet-Jailly. Presentation

History of Regional Districts. Paul Kadota. Presentation

Regional Districts Today - How Have Things Changed Today? Fred Banham. Presentation

Regional Districts of BC in Comparative Perspective. Laura Pierce. Presentation

The Regional District Concept, Interview with Dan Campbell. Interview

Summary of Proceedings. Summary

June 19-20, 2008: "Making Greater Vancouver a World City"

Two day conference exploring the challenges facing Vancouver in becoming a top world city. While Vancouver consistently ranks as one of the most liveable cities in the world, it would need to confront fundamental and complex social, economic and environmental questions in order to become a top world city.

A Literature Review of World Cities - Where is Vancouver? Leo Siu. Full paper Presentation

Civic Culture: An Expanded Framework for Local Policy-Making. Raymond Rosenfeld. Presentation

Exploring Public Policy in Canadian Municipalities: A Large Project. Robert Young. Presentation

Are There Lessons for Greater Vancouver from the Experience of World Cities in other Federations? Harvey Lazar and Christian Leuprecht. Presentation

Global Cities: Connectivity, Vulnerability and Resilience. Roger Keil. Presentation

Globalization and World Cities. Jonathan Beaverstock. Presentation

Making Greater Vancouver a World City: Policy and Governance Challenges for BC. Emmanuel Brunet-Jailly and Susan Clarke. Presentation

Multilevel Governance and the Developmental City: the Case of Vancouver. Thomas Hutton. Presentation

Re-vitalizing Vancouver. Serena Kataoka. Presentation

Transport Innovation as a Determinant of Vancouver’s World City’ Potential in a Carbon-constrained Future. Anthony Perl and Richard Gilbert. Presentation

The Assumption of the City: Non-metropolitan Communities and Dynamic Change in Federal Property Policy. Tracy Summerville. Presentation

Vancouver as a 'Welcoming Community' – Managing Immigration and Integration in a Globalized World. Oliver Schmidtke. Presentation

Vancouver: Developing a World City. Jeffrey MacDonald. Full paper Presentation

October 23, 2007: "Local Government and Climate Change"

This one day research seminar on local government responses to climate change presented findings from student research papers on adaptation strategies used by local governments in Europe, Australia, Canada, and the United States.

Australian Local Government Responses to Climate Change. Ed Chow. Full paper

Local Government Responses to Climate Change: Canadian Jurisdictions outside of BC. Nikoo Boroumand. Full paper

Local Government Response to Climate Change in the United Kingdom, Germany and Sweden. Claire Steel. Full paper

Local Government Responses to Climate Change in the United States. Saila Hull. Full paper

Setting the Scene: The Challenge of Climate Change (Introduction). Harry Swain. Full paper

Local Government and Climate Change Workshop Summary, prepared by Jessica Worsley. Summary

May 18, 2007: "Local Government Performance Management"

A one day seminar looking at local government performance measurement and performance management in the context of the emerging, multi-level environment for local decision-making and new challenges for leadership.

From Measurement to Management: When involving Citizens and Elected Officials is a Challenge. Emmanuel Brunet-Jailly. Presentation

Measuring and Managing Performance in Local Governments: A Literature Review. Richard Hildebrand. Abstract Full paper

Measuring and Managing Performance in Local Governments: Research and Experience in North America. Jim McDavid. Presentation

Municipal Objective Setting and Performance Measurement: A Survey of Small Municipalities in British Columbia. David Love and Bonnie Sprinkling. Abstract Presentation

Municipal Performance Measurement, Performance Management and Citizen Engagement Practices in British Columbia. Lori Fischer. Abstract Full paper.

Municipal Progress Reporting Accountability for Modern Local Government. Meagan Gergley. Abstract Presentation

Performance Measurement and Citizen Participation. Jill Symonds. Abstract Presentation

Performance Measurement and Reporting: A West Van Perspective. Presentation

Performance Measurement at the City of Kamloops. Presentation

Update on Performance Measurement and Reporting in BC Municipalities. Lori Fischer. Presentation

November 17, 2006: "Regional Economic Performance in BC"

One day workshop that focused on the new challenges for local and community governance and regional economic performance in BC. Four papers were presented exploring the changing local government landscape and opportunities for improved regional performance.

New Challenges for Local and Community Governance and Regional Economic Performance in British Columbia (Introduction). Emmanuel Brunet-Jailly. Abstract Full paper Presentation

Economic Performance and Economic Regions in the New Economy: Foundations, Strategy and Governance. Ben Brunnen. Abstract Full paper Presentation

Regions and Economic Development Policies: A Comparative Perspective. Scott Coe. Abstract Full paper Presentation

Cooperation and Competition in Region-Building: The Role of Incentives. Sam Broadbent. Abstract Full paper Presentation

Water Management and Local Government Institutions: A Comparative Perspective. Scott Mathers. Abstract Full paper Presentation

Regional Economic Performance Complete Paper Series. Complete Series

November 16, 2006: "Local Governments in a Globalizing World"

Half-day seminar bringing together the co-authors of a publication on local government in Canada and Australia with public service professionals from across BC. The seminar explored the trends and challenges for municipal governance with a special focus on recent reform efforts in both nations.

Citizen Participation and Local Governance: The Australian Experience. Chris Aulich. Abstract

Local Government in a Globalizing World: A Comparative Perspective on Recent Reforms in Canada and Australia (Introduction). Emmanuel Brunet-Jailly and John Martin. Abstract

Municipal Restructuring and Reform in Australia. Neil Marshall. Abstract

Municipal Restructuring and Reform in Canada. Andrew Sancton. Abstract

No Joke! Local Government and Intergovernmental Relations in Canada. Katherine Graham. Abstract

Performance Management in Canadian Local Government: A Journey in Progress or a Dead End? Carol Agocs and Emmanuel Brunet-Jailly. Abstract

What's fair? Inter-government Relations in Australia. Graham Sansom. Abstract

You Say You Want an Evolution? From Citizen to Community Engagement in Canadian Cities. Susan Phillips. Abstract