Dr. Jason Hicks

Dr. Jason Hicks
Assistant Professor
Economics; School of Public Administration

Cross-listed (Econ)

Office: BEC 374 HSD A340

PhD (University of Minnesota), MPP(University of Minnesota), MS(University of Idaho)

Area of expertise

Occupational Regulation, Public Policy, Labour Economics, Economic History

Professional Information & Research Interests

Jason's research focuses at the intersection of public policy, labour economics, and racial and socio-economic inequality. Jason uses causal methodologies to examine the historical and contemporary effects of occupational regulation on labour market outcomes for vulnerable populations, including people with criminal records. Additionally, Jason researches the political economy of occupational regulation, including identifying political, demographic, and institutional factors that lead to occupational regulation. Prior to working in the public policy and economics arena, Jason was a wildlife biologist and conservation geneticist.

Full CV

Selected Publications

Hicks, J.F. & Kleiner, M.M. (2019, February). Dental Therapists: A Solution to
Wisconsin’s Costly Dental Access Problem? Badger Institute.

Hicks J.F., Benson, J. Garry, T., Dworin, J., & Schicker, T.M. (2014). Diagnosing
healthcare in America: Impacts of immigrants and occupational licensing. Humphrey
Public Affairs Review. Issue 1.