PhD by special arrangement (SPARR)

The Indigenous Governance program is not available for the 2019/20 school year. Applicants seeking entrance to the program are invited to contact an Associate Dean in the Faculty of Graduate Studies about alternative academic programming.

Indigenous Governance (IGOV) offers select opportunities for students to pursue a PhD by Special Arrangement through the Faculty of Graduate Studies. 

The PhD is a multi-disciplinary program focused on mentoring and training students to be transformational leaders with a commitment to scholarly rigor and academic excellence as well as personal decolonization and Indigenous resurgence. Through teaching and research, land-based pedagogies, learning Indigenous languages, and experiencing other forms of Indigenous knowledge, students are provided with a learning environment grounded in Indigenous worldviews, knowledge and scholarship.

The PhD curriculum is designed for students to become well-versed on the nature and context of Indigenous governance, resurgence, ongoing colonization, and Indigenous research so that their future applied work can contribute to the scope and breadth of these emerging fields of study as well as to contributing to the regeneration of Indigenous nationhood. With this awareness of the literature and practices in the field, students prepared to take on new teaching, research and leadership roles within university and community contexts to assist with the regeneration of sacred teachings that come from Indigenous lands, cultures and communities in order to restore and revitalize the health and well-being of Indigenous communities.