SCYC Fall Graduate and Undergraduate Courses

SCYC undergraduate courses will be online this fall with the exception of one section of CYC 475.  We understand that many of you had intended to join our courses on campus and want to ensure you that our instructors will be prepared to create the structure and community needed to bring online learning to life. All courses may contain synchronous components (lectures, tutorials, group work) through video-conferencing, chat or other tools, but an extra emphasis may be placed on these options in the sections that were originally intended for face-to-face delivery. 

The UVic timetable will provide you with some indication of delivery format by course section. Two sections of the same course may have different delivery format information, so choose what will work best for you.  In many cases live course times have been preserved for the sections originally intended for face-to-face delivery, and real-time class meetings can, therefore, be expected.  Remember, however, that instructors will be tasked with planning and delivering each course in a format suitable to the course content, assignments, and outcomes. More complete detail will be available in your course syllabus and course website at the beginning of the term. 

SCYC graduate courses will be taught primarily on campus this fall. Some courses may be offered in a hybrid format, with some face-to-face and some synchronous online class meetings. Detailed course information will be sent to current graduate students before registration opens on June 22, 2020. Please contact the graduate program assistant ( if you require further information.

SCYC has a long and successful history with online learning. Our SCYC instructors have extensive experience in the delivery of courses online. Whether on-campus or at a distance our students achieve the learning outcomes needed to become effective CYC practitioners and leaders.​ This year, the university has introduced new tools to further enrich the online learning experience. Visit the UVic Learn Anywhere website for online learning strategies, academic and personal support.

For more information see Jamie Cassel's open letter to UVic students on the UVic Corona Virus website.