Undergraduate students in COM 321: Leading People and Organizations had an exciting start to their semester and a very different first day of class. In collaboration with Soap for Hope, a not-for-profit agency that re-purposes soap and shampoo that would traditionally go to a landfill into donations to shelters and other social agencies, BCom students helped re-direct twenty-seven 40 litre bins of leftover local hotel soaps and containers from landfill to reuse and recycling. Dr. Stacey Fitzsimmons arranged for all 250 third year BCom students to process leftover local hotel soaps into care packages for Soap for Hope, a local charitable organization based in Victoria. “The idea is that in only 1.5 hours, with no preparation, they accomplished a lot of good. But as business leaders, their decisions will have an impact on the environment, on other peoples’ lives and livelihoods. As part of Gustavson business school, we’re trying to use business as a force for good in the world.” This Leading People and Organization course activity did more than just teach a valuable lesson; it saved 2,782 pounds of shampoo, conditioner and body wash for those who need it, and it saved hundreds of plastic bottles from going to the landfill.

This year MIIISsion impossible ran a little differently. Due to the COVID-19 global pandemic the event was held online through Zoom. Although the venue of the event was different there was still a similar enthusiasm and lots of creativity.

MIIISsion Impossible is an event run in the BCom program every September to help 250 BCom students
and over 100 international exchange students understand the mission and values of the Gustavson School of Business.
The "I"s in MIIISsion stand for Innovation, Integration and International and the S stands for Sustainability. The event pairs domestic students with international
students to form 60 teams that have one morning to dream up and refine an innovative and sustainability - related
business idea that would be a good fit in the home country of the international student on the team.
That same afternoon, the groups pitch their ideas to academic, business, and community judges, competing for
cash prizes and the glory of it all!

Read more about this year's MIIISsion Impossible here.




In November of 2019, third-year BCom students Derek Douglas, Sebastian Stewart and Ye Wang earned a spot among the top ten teams selected to travel to Vilnius, Lithuania to compete in the annual Creative Shock case competition finals. The three Gustavson students, along with fourth teammate Blake Dickson, ended the competition an impressive fourth out of more than 400 international teams that included universities like Oxford and McGill.
Creative Shock is a social business case competition where teams of students from around the world compete to solve finance, marketing, public relations and strategy problems for social and sustainable businesses.