Our program

The Minor in Technology & Society is a forum for engagement with technological change and its rapid transformation of contemporary society. In a global culture driven forward by dramatic developments in technology, no aspect of politics, culture and society is left undisturbed. The Minor in Technology & Society is designed to provide students with the opportunity to critically engage in the formal exploration, understanding and critical assessment of technological change in a wired and wireless world.

The program is designed with flexibility, collaborative learning and individual focus in mind, allowing for students to receive both a broad, comprehensive understanding of the human uses of technology across various disciplines, as well as specific option-based study of technology use in their chosen Major or Honours program.

Additionally, through core course offerings, students will be required to engage both critically and practically in technological critique, through hands-on interaction with social networking, mobile and internet technologies as well as reading, research and writing in both online and offline contexts.

The goals of the Minor in Technology & Society are to:

  1. inform students of the consequences of technological living;
  2. prepare students for the challenges of technological research and exploration; and
  3. encourage students to be independently minded and critically motivated in their engagement with the technological future.