Joy Davis

Joy Davis
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Department of Art History & Visual Studies

BA (UVic), M.Museum Studies (Toronto), PhD (UVic)

Area of expertise

Cultural Resource Management

Joy Davis is a museum and cultural heritage specialist who directed UVic’s Cultural Resource Management Program, working with Continuing Studies and Art History and Visual Studies, for over twenty-six years. In her final years at UVic, she served in a number of senior interim roles including Dean of Continuing Studies, Director of University Art Collections, and Director of Community Relations.

Joy is the recipient of the Canadian Museums Association’s Distinguished Service Award and continues serve as a cultural heritage consultant, as Associate Editor of Museum Management and Curatorship, as a member of the Advisory Group for the Coalition of Museums for Climate Justice, and as a trustee with the Greater Victoria Public Library.

Selected publications

Creative non-fiction

Complicated Simplicity: Island Life in the Pacific Northwest. Victoria: Heritage House Publishing, 2019.

Peer reviewed scholarly publications

“Putting Museum Studies to Work,” Museum Management and Curatorship, Vol. 26, No. 5, December 2011, pp. 459-479.

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Reports, proceedings and articles in professional journals

Goldstream Water Supply System: Historical context, character defining features and interpretive potential. Victoria: Capital Regional District, January 2018.

Goldstream Powerhouse – Historical Context, Character-defining Features and Preliminary Assessment of Condition, Victoria: Capital Regional District, December 2016

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