Dr. Alena Buis

Dr. Alena Buis
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Department of Art History & Visual Studies

PhD Queen’s University, MA Concordia University, BFA Concordia University

Area of expertise

17th century Dutch visual and material culture, Canadian art histories, open education, pedagogy, scholarship of teaching and learning for art history

Brief biography

In 2013 I completed my PhD in Visual and Material Culture at Queen’s University. My SSHRC funded dissertation research focussed on the circulation of domestic material culture in early modern Dutch trade networks. Previously I received an MA in Canadian Art History from Concordia University. My recent publications on pedagogy include a chapter on open educational practices in The Teaching the Ancient World Handbook, a post for Art History Teaching Resources Weekly and a Special Issue of the Sixteenth Century Journal “Teaching the Early Modern in the Era of COVID-19”. I am also one of the founders of Open Art Histories (OAH) a SSHRC-funded collective, committed to building a generative and supportive national network for teaching Canadian art or art history in Canada and addressing pressing pedagogical challenges, including globalizing art history, decolonizing the discipline and using OER/OEP to advance accessibility and inclusion. 

Teaching has helped me to clarify my own research and has been an important aspect of my professional development. With a wide range of personal, academic and professional interests, I have taught everything from horseback riding lessons to advanced university courses. From these experiences I have grown passionate about enhancing the learning experience, supporting fellow educators and building connections, opportunities, and partnerships that foster exceptional results. I am passionate, dynamic and curious in my learning and endeavour to bring these qualities into my teaching. I encourage students to be creative in their research, thoughtful in their questioning, and clear in their expression. My teaching philosophy is innovation based and student centred. It embraces diversity, promotes active learning and encourages critical thinking.


Doctor of Philosophy in Art History (2008-2013)

Queen’s University (Kingston, Ontario) Supervisors: Stephanie Dickey and Janice Helland “Homeliness and Worldliness: Materiality and the Making of New Netherland and New York”

Master of Canadian Art History (2006-2008)

Concordia University (Montreal, Quebec) Supervisor: Catherine MacKenzie
 “Ut pictura poesis: EB Greenshields’ Collection of Hague School Paintings”

Bachelor of Fine Arts degree (With Distinction) Major Art History (2003-2006)
Concordia University (Montreal, Quebec)


2013- Instructor Art History and Religious Studies Department, Langara College

Modern Art I & II (AHIS 1301 & 1302)

Critical History of Photography (AHIS 1219)

Women, Art, and Society (AHIS 1216)

Nineteenth Century Art History (AHIS 1113)

History of Western Art I & II (AHIS 1114 & 1214)

Visual Culture I & II (AHIS 1112 & AHIS 1212)


2015- Instructor Fine Arts Department Kwantlen Polytechnic University

History of Western Art: Prehistoric to Renaissance (AHIS 1120)

History of Western Art: Renaissance to 20th Century (AHIS 1121)

Introduction to Film Studies (ARTH 1130)

Contemporary Art (ARTH 2222)

History of Photography (ARTH 3140)


2010-2011 Sessional Instructor Art History Department Concordia University

Topics in 17th and 18th Century Art and Architecture (ARTH 365)

Topics in Renaissance Art and Architecture (ARTH 364)


2010 Teaching Fellow Art History Department Queen’s University

Canadian Art in the 20th Century (ARTH 339)


2021  Co-Editor of CanadARTHistories OER (Forthcoming)

2021  Mentor at KPU’s Open Educational Research Institute

2021  Leadership for Langara’s participation in the UNSDG Open Pedagogy Fellowship

2020  Open Langara Open Textbook Development Grant
         Art and Visual Culture: Prehistory to Renaissance
Art and Visual Culture: Renaissance to 20th Century

2019- Open Langara Advisory Committee

2019- Open Educational Resources Fellow



2021  Open Art Histories eCampus Ontario Digital Strategy Grant ($90,000)

2020  Open Art Histories SSHRC Connection Grant ($20,000) 

2020  VCC Student Union Award for Academic Achievement ($500)

         Open Langara Open Textbook Development Grant ($1500)
         Langara College ARC Teaching Release for Scholarly Development ($13,000) 
         Langara College ARC Grant ($3000)

2012  Winterthur Museum Dissertation Fellowship ($7000 USD)

2011  Alfred Bader Travel Scholarship - The Netherlands ($30,000)

         SSHRC Michael Smith Travel Scholarship - Fordham University ($6000)

         New Netherland Institute Student Scholar Research Grant ($5000 USD)

2010  Queen’s University Dean’s Travel Grant for Doctoral Research ($3000)

         Queen’s University Teaching Fellowship ($7500)

2009  Vojtech Jirat-Wasiutynski Memorial Travel Fund Scholarship ($300)

2008  SSHRC Canadian Graduate Scholarship ($105, 000)

Queen’s University Tri-Council Award ($5000)

2007  SSHRC Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship ($18,000)

2006  Concordia University J.A. de Seve Entrance Fellowship ($5000)

2005  Concordia University Fine Arts Bursary ($2000)




2021           Facilitating Equitable & Culturally Responsive Learning Online (Educause)

2021           Interculturalizing the Curriculum (Thompson Rivers University)

2020-2021    INTZ 5000 Langara’s Intercultural Engagement Program Cohort 1

2020-2021    Learning in a Digital Age Program (OERu)

2020           Certificate in Online and eLearning (VCC)

                  Indigenous Canada (University of Alberta/Coursera)

2019-2020    Minerva’s Women Leading the Way Cohort 13

2014-2018    Provincial Instructor Diploma Program (VCC)



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“Open Art Histories: Re-Imagining How We Teach Visual and Material Culture,” Open Ed 2020 Online, November 11, 2020. 

“Open Art Histories” Workshop for the University of Toronto Art History Teaching Group, Online, November 6, 2020.

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“Bite-sized Learning for Busy Educators: Introducing the Open Education Challenge Series,” co-presenter, Langara College, September 25, 2020.

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“Going Apesh*t for Visual Culture” DASH Langara College, Vancouver November 20, 2020.

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