UVic in the community

municipal community photo
We believe in developing mutually supportive relationships between the university and surrounding communities.

Community and Government Relations is committed to serving our local communities through dialogue and partnerships. We interact on a regular basis with local community associations, municipalities and stakeholders in the region.

Municipal liaison

The University of Victoria, the Districts of Oak Bay, and Saanich, and the City of Victoria share a common commitment to positive relations and collaborative interactions for our mutual benefit and for the improvement of the region. Community and Government Relations interacts with Municipal Liaison Councillors appointed by the Councils of Oak Bay, Saanich and Victoria on both an individual and collective basis to discuss and advance matters of mutual interest. The office works with municipalities to address concerns, maintain positive relations, deliver accurate information about the University, and explore ways in which we can collaborate to benefit the region.

Community associations liaison

UVic's Community Associations Liaison Committee works with neighbouring community associations to develop mutually supportive relationships to share information, and to resolve concerns.

The following neighbouring Community Associations participate on the UVic Community Associations Liaison Committee to address concerns, maintain positive relations and share accurate information about events and activities.